Unseelie Espionage
Adventure Begins

Individually, each person entered the Court. Individually, each person was escorted to a small antechamber to wait. Together you were brought in to meet Urnok. Together you heard of the mission to investigate Antrigaard, to explore the situation, and if possible, resolve it. Then immediately die a quick and painless death so as they do not have to pay you. They`re good people that way.

Moving past the antechamber, Tenzin managed to recall where precisely this pissant backwater burg is. As well as the path to take to arrive there. Initially, the group decided to avoid settlements and people; all the better to avoid announcing their presence, unfortunately, their actions were for naught, and they managed to find a scouting force of enemy forces pretty much immediately. Attempting conversation, the enemies seemed to have no interest, no attention, and utterly no personality. Drawing their weapons, they managed to lay low half the party. With the bugman and the horse-bard unconscious, the rogue nearly dying, and the rest barely avoiding the confinement of the unusual elf woman, the party seemed lost until the enemy force started to drop, the bullywug first, eladrin second, elf third, and lastly the two human warriors.

The party quickly patched itself up, and got back on the road, deciding to head to a small hamlet Tenzin recalled, they arrived quietly, managing to avoid the enemy forces barely. Entering the city, only the quick talking bard managed to keep them in the good graces of the Mayor and his militia forces. After pumping him for as much information as possible, they moved into the Tavern/Inn, where a group of Magi were ensconed, watching the clerics with a very intent eye.

Selden quickly ascertained their magical nature, and struck up a conversation, using their shared magical lineage to forge a connection. The mages released what informatio they would, about the Menagerie forces, that of the Half-Dead. Physically alive, but mentally and emotionally dead.

The Mage suggested two courses of action: Track down the unknown field commander. Someone they are completely unaware who they are.

Or head to the capital, infiltrate the Castle, and kill Annorax. The head from the serpent figuratively speaking.

At that point, the Bard had left to converse with the clerics, while Selden headed to a room to converse with the Unseelie representative…..


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