Chu'thak, a Thri-Kreen desert warrior, who's unpredictability and relentlessness rivals that of the desert itself.


Chu’thak was spawned in the dry, dusty desert areas of Ionis. Growing up he fought along side his brothers and sisters of the hive to train as a part of the warrior sect. Throughout his training he learned to love and appriciate the various methods of swordsmanship and learned to specialize in using different weapons.

When asked, why he carries so many weapons, he answers “To live in the desert, you must fight like the desert”. Unpredictable and relentless are the rules he lives by.

Following his superiors orders, Chu’thak was sent out on a hunting mission with a squad of warrior and hunters. They were to track down rumours of a band of elvan travellers passing through the desert and make sure that they were not just there to scout the hive. Being one of the Kreen’s favourite meal choices, this mission was one of utmost care, as a weak minded warrior would ignore the orders of not being seen and attack the passer’s by.

Unfortunately, amongst the hunting party, there was just such a warrior. During the night he slipped into the caravan’s camp and killed off one of the escorts. The camp awoke with screams of terror from one of the travelers as she noticed the bits of parts of the half eaten elf in its tent.

When the squad heard the screams, they rushed to the camp to see what had happened and in their haste, were spotted by the elven escorts whom immediately attacked the squad. In the heat of the commotion the Kreen warrior who had initially killed the elf disappeared into the desert. During the battle a harsh sand storm swamped over the camp making the 2 sides retreat. When the storm cleared, the elven who had survived the fight where gone. Vanished into the desert lost forever, or under a dune suffocating.

When the remaining members of the hunting squad, Chu’thak and a hunter, returned to the hive. They were ordered to give a report on the failed mission. After review, their superior discovered the lack of mention of the missing Kreen warrior. As punishment for failing the mission, the 2 were assigned to go into the desert and find the missing warrior and bring him back to the hive. Both of them knew that this mission was no better then have being banished from the hive as finding an individual who has been trained to survive in the desert is almost an impossible task.

Many years later, long since separated from the hive and from his hunter companion, Chu’thak continues his search for the missing warrior, knowing that his chances of finding him and regain the respect of his hive is long gone. Still he fights on traveling around to new areas outside the desert. Now resorting to joining up with other individuals who are in need of assistance in hope that one day someone will know something to lead him to some answers.

Interests: Fighting, Dueling, Sparring, Hunting, Collecting new kinds of weapons
Goals: Past: To serve the hive as the number 1 warrior. Current: Tracking down the renegade warrior from the hive.


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