Human artificer


Selden was once a serious student of the Arcane, until he saw something that changed his life forever. Now he hunts the dark and fell things of the wilds, and is himself haunted by fears, visions and memories. He has acquired worldly and other-worldly skills to match his wits against the vile cunning, raw strength and vicious treachery of the monsters he faces.

He teams up with a misfit bunch of seeming ne’er-do-well adventurers, in whom he places little real trust, but like them, he recognizes the need to cover his back as he heads into danger like the lodestone points to north.

Selden carries with him all manner of bizarre and fantastic mechanisms and phylacteries, which he deploys on occasion with sometimes devastating, at others disturbing effect. His favourites are clockwork bombs that he sets off to tick and lurch almost randomly. His allies know to run when they hear the tell-tale ticking. His enemies seldom have time to learn that lesson. Few are the establishments that welcome Selden as a guest, if they have any fore-knowledge. Fewer still are the places that Selden can rest safely and drop his guard.


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