Githzerai Avenger|Warden Hybrid


Tenzin was born in a mountain village in northeast Durvist Province. Three days before his birth, a golden owl was spotted near the village. The evening that his mother went into labour, the owl was seen again, perched on the roof of his parents house. Later, when the new parents were receiving visitors, the golden owl landed at an open window and sat watching the infant, to the amazement of all present. After a minute, the bird hooted and flew away and was not seen in the area again.

As a boy, Tenzin spent many hours walking in the mountains near his village, and was reprimanded on more than one occasion for venturing out too far by himself. He loved the beauty and solitude of the alpine meadows and valleys, and when he stood on a summit, he would look around at the sea of mountains and the distant plains and forests below, and imagine himself as a great sky spirit looking down upon the world.

When he was 16, Tenzin was accepted into a monastery dedicated to Raedgar Redforge. There he received training as a warrior and was selected to receive further instruction in secret fighting techniques to enable him to serve as an agent of Raedgar on Arborior. He has gone on several minor assignments, and has now been deemed ready to be entrusted with important missions.

Recently a senior priest of Raedgar had a dream about an evil being raising an army for reasons unknown. After analyzing the signs in his dream, the priest determined that an agent should be set to the Unseelie Court, where further information would be revealed. Tenzin was briefed and sent on his first major assignment.


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