Gods of Virtue (Good)
Imperious Avenger
Major Deity
Home Plane:
Symbol: Silver Sword on a Golden field. Dragons Claw holding the hilt
Alignment: Lawful Good Greater God
Portfolio: Revenge, Justice, Strength of Character, Moral superiority.
Worshippers: Good Dragons, Paladins, Good fighters, Barbarians.
Domains: Good, Protection, Strength, Sensitivity, Law.

Created as the polar opposite of Thies, Lansing is the paradigm of virtue and truth. Wielding his Dragonsilver lance from aback his Platinium steed, Lansing is often portrayed as an avenger, standing over the body of one of his fallen followers. Appearing as a Human of vastly improved physical physique, short cropped Platinium Blonde hair.

2. (Auroun, the Golden Light) I (Alignment: Good)
Profile: Elves, Healing, Restoration.
3. (Asukin, the Repentant Darkness) I (Good)
Profile: Nezumi, Pestilence, Liberation
4. (Blannaer, Wise One) I (Good)
Profile: Knowledge, Insight.
5. (Raedgar Redforge, The Fire) I (Lawful Good)
Profile: Dwarves, Fire, Forge

Gods of Equilibrium (Neutral)
6. (Asiuris, Avatar of Madness) ( Greater Unaligned Deity)
Profile: Storm, Channeling, Madness, Travel, Mentalism

7. (Salinn, Woodland Ether) I (Neutral)
Profile: Plant, Animal. Druids

8. (Shu-kon, Seer of the Four Winds) I (Unaligned)
Profile: Gava, Mages, Bards. Insight, Meditation
9. (Glam Glitterstone, The Avaricious.) I (Unaligned)
Profile: Gnomes, Luck, Community
10. (Diacum, the Feathered Serpent) I (Unaligned)
Profile: Dracon, Sorcerers, Law, Air

Gods of Indulgence (Evil)
[spoiler] 11. (Thies, Original Evil) M (Chaotic Evil Greater God)
Profile: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Madness, War

12. (Umbogen, Plague Cloud) I (Evil)
Profile: Storm, Pestilence

13. (Yamata-Orochi, Six-Forked Serpent) I (Evil)
Profile: Destruction, Alteration

14. (Stithis, the Shifty) I (Evil)
Profile: Halflings. Trickery, Treachery

15. (Morden, God of Death) I (Evil)
Profile: Death, Knowledge

Succedaneum’s of Magic (Magic)
16. Parun Succedaneum Of Air (Unaligned)
Profile: Air, Magic
17. Velus Succedaneum Of Water (Unaligned)
Profile: Water, Magic
18. Suvogath Succedaneum Earth (Unaligned)
Profile: Earth, Magic
19. Murana Succedaneum Fire (Unaligned)
Profile: Fire, Magic

Gods of the Avatar (Renegade)
20. (Sateda, The resisting warrior) M (Chaotic Good Greater God)
Profile: Protection, Strength, War, Passion, Good.
21. (Glinisa, the Traveler) M (Good)
Profile: Half-elves, Half-Ogres, Travel, Community, Restoration, War, Sun
22. (Daharaf, Mystical origin) I (Unaligned)
Profile: War, Trickery
23. (Kimia, Sorcerous Heart) I (Unaligned)
Profile: War, Treachery

Minor Gods
Furcian, The Frozen Soul (minor) (Unaligned)
Profile: Water, Survival, Community


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