h6. Noublesso de los Avârte – Groups
The Gods have been created, and 6 of the avatars have lost their existances by being transformed into planes. Ionidin, The Avatar of Thought and the last to remain, knew his time was soon to come and turned to his creations the humanoids to defend and protect the knowledge of the Avatars. He granted 4 people power and responsibility in the form of books of immense power. The Book of Words was granted to Cyrinous the Black, a half-dragon whose talent for trickery and manipulation would serve Ionidin’s cause well. The benevolent elf Thyrilivanous was blessed with the Book of Potions, so that he could use it for the righteous cause. The dwarf Turdin received the Book of Numbers, so that he could always see the best course of action, pure and unhampered by morals. Lastly, Ionidin entrusted a portion of his divine essence to an honorable warrior from the far west, Sateda, who became the first Navigatore. Ionidin explained that this was to be a closed society, where only beings who hate the gods or oppose their machinations were allowed membership. Anyone joining the Noublesso would have to be willing to sever all their previous ties of loyalty and will be declaring active hostility on every church in the land. Ionidin made sure they understood that the life of a Noublesso is wrought with perils, with the major powers of the world pitted against them and few if any allies on their side. As a being of neutrality, Ionidin granted each book a unique perspective to itself, giving them a level of consciousness and self-awareness. Only beings that suited their own purposes could hold them and therefore use them.

The Book of Words was made sly and manipulative, though wholly loyal to the other two books and the organization as a whole (Lawful Evil).
The Book of Potions was made valiant and compassionate, and again is wholeheartedly loyal to the other books and the organization (Chaotic Good).
The Book of Numbers was made indifferent and logical to all things, except for its undying loyalty to the other two books and the organization (True Neutral).

The last ability that Ionidin granted to the books was the ability to infiltrate the minds of the Owners, to safeguard their loyalty to the cause of the Noublesso de los Avârte. Thus Ionidin ensures that the Noublesso do los Avârte exists, and would continue to fight the Gods to herard the eventual return of the Avatars.

Over the centuries, many beings have taken the mantle of Navigatore to the books, including the gods Glinisia, Daharaf, and Kimia.

In her mortal years, Glinisia was a half-elf who hated the gods because they had seemingly cursed her with bastard blood. With the aid of the books, she learned inner peace and spreads love to the half-elves and other mongrels of the world.
Daharaf begun life as an ogre, definitely not the smartest, wisest, or most influential of beings. With the books he learned to use his strong arm and loyal spirit to help his fellow ogres fight the half-bloods. Dharaf used his enhanced knowledge of warfare, tactics, surprise and deception to lead the ogres in retaking the southern peninsula of Belegrin.
In life, Kimia was a western Half-blood raised with the ninjas of Tiando. With the books, he learned to trick and manipulate those in power to fight the wars that he wanted. He used his sorcerous powers to deceive and fool everyone in the western lands into overthrowing the Wild Empire and forming the Freelands. (Kenny, we should specify which kind of half-blood Kimia was. I’m thinking Dracon myself.)

Noublesso de los Avârte – Groups
As time passed, the learned of the Noublesso de los Avârte would occasionally lose possession of the books. Each book has spent time in the hands of those of the Gods’ forces, but the final enchantment of Ionidin remained strong and the books eventually returned to the Noublesso. Over the years the Noublesso learned that both martial and magical might was needed to properly protect the books. So the Navigatore changed the formation of the protectors so that there would be a guardian of martial might, and a ward of magical might. As an additional measure, the navigatore of the time used the powers he had as a minor deity to form a set of rings. He named them the “Rings of the Noublesso” and entrusted these minor artifacts to the guardians and wards of the books to ensure at least one of the defenders would live to return the book.

7 members:
Navigatore: Holder of the knowledge of the 3 books, the Navigatore is a level 1 Deity who is able to recreate the books if they are ever destroyed.

Guardian of the Book of Words: A warrior class, at least level 15. Minimum BAB +10, the martial guardian of the book.
Ward of the Book of Words: A spellcasting class can’t be a cleric unless the patron deity is a renegade. Minimum CL 15, the magical guardian of the book

Guardian of the Book of Numbers: A warrior class, at least level 15. Minimum BAB +10, the martial guardian of the book.
Ward of the Book of Numbers: A spellcasting class can’t be a cleric unless the patron deity is a renegade Minimum CL 15, the magical guardian of the book.

Guardian of the Book of Potions: A warrior class, at least level 15. Minimum BAB +10, the martial guardian of the book.
Ward of the Book of Potions: A spellcasting class can’t be a cleric unless the patron deity is a renegade Minimum CL 15, the magical guardian of the book

Noublesso de los Avârte – Joining

Ultimately, the goal of the Noublesso is to obtain the divine essence of the other gods to restore the avatars. Therefore, any potential member cannot pay homage to any of the gods of virtue, equilibrium, or indulgence. Any candidates must prove themselves to be worthy of being a Guardian, Ward, or the Navigatore itself in order to gain consideration for membership. Race, previous politicial affiliation, or alignment do not matter, as the books will alter your alignment to suit itself. Also, you must be at least level 10, and have 5 levels in either the Ward of Noublesso or Guardian of Noublesso.

Noublesso de los Avârte – Benefits

Upon joining the Noublesso de los Avârte you are granted a Ring of Avârte, and the knowledge within the book you are guarding. Lastly, you are granted a 10,000 gp stipend upon which to use to furnish yourself better then your current self.

Noublesso de los Avârte – Roleplaying Suggestions

Guardians of Noublesso are very stoic and never mention the source for their prowess, skill, or endless supply of potions. They wield their weapons with extreme prejudice agianst worshippers of the gods, although they will work with them when the situation requires it.
Wards of Noublesso are generally intense in their studies, going to any length to advance their research, skills or abilities. They as well do not mention the source of their Skills, Potions,or Powers. Spellcasters of Noublesso are scary to behold when fighting a member of the Clergy, often using obscure and potent spells to render their gods assistance useless, before summoning a powerful spell to rip the unknown cleric apart.

Noublesso de los Avârte – Typical Members

There are no typical members of the Noublesso. The Noublesso specifically recruits individuals of unique and powerful talents, the average adventurer will not recieve the ability to apply to this group, but those who do, live a life of violence, spite, and often, greatness.

Noublesso de los Avârte – Relics
(Influencial Mind: Using the enchantment placed upon them by Ionidin, each book has a passive ability that will cause the Person holding it to escape and return the book to the Noublesso upon laying contact upon it. This can only be resisted by a DC 30 Will check.)
(Compatible Alignment: As soon as you are chosen by a Navigatore, Ward or Guardian to join in the protection of one of the three books, you must spend a 24 hour period bonding with, and attuning yourself to the Book. This will change your entire viewpoint and Mannerisms to suit the needs of the book.)


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