Celestial Empire


Celestial Empire Humans basically fill in the gaps within the Nation. Military, Bureaucracy, Leadership, The humans of the celestial empire do it all, as they have since the nations founding centuries ago. Although rarely exceptional, their intelligence, drive, and willingness often allows them to learn faster, and fill gaps that others are incapable of filling. The initial Celestial Empire mages were Humans due to this ability to learn new concepts quickly. Originally based around the lands that currently make up the Tinturan province of the empire, humans expanded quickly once they allied with the ogre’s of Tyrgaard, allowing the pairing to quickly establish their dominance over large swathes of land that was, for the most part, ruled justly and fairly. As a cultural lynchpin, and one of the primary leadership races within the Celestial Empire, there have been ofcourse a great deal of intermarriage between humans and the various partner races, (Dwarves, Ogres, Elves), which has let to a not insignificant decrease in the amount of humans within the Celestial Empire; however due to the rapidity with which Humans breed, humans have remained a significant force within the empire and the world.

Half-Ogres (Half-Orc)

A Half-ogre’s hair varies as much as human hair. From White, to black, to brown, to blonde. Half-ogres are 6-7 feet tall, and can weigh up to 450 Lb.
The language a half-ogre speaks varies slightly based on upbringing, but any half-ogre is understandable by someone else who speaks common. Some Half-ogres know Gnoll or Giant as well.
They enjoy attacking from concealment and setting ambushes, and they obey the rules of war (such as honoring a truce), regardless of the ease of such.

Half-Ogres As Characters

Racial Traits. (Half-Orc racial blocks)

Ogres (Use Goliath Racial Block)

A martial people who arose from the Tyrgaard region, the ogres were generally believed to have been the favoured of some of the Avatar’s, lending the name “The Celestial Ones” to their racial personality. They were very militarially organized, leading armed and disciplined parties to “Meet & Greet” the people around the region, slowly gaining coherency as the various outposts and regiments grew together into a singular organized force, one termed the “Celestial Empire”, after the name given to them at times beginning.



Same as usual, but these humans have a very East Asian feel and personality.


The “ratlings” are a race of large, intelligent rats. They currently live in squalor, barely better than animals, although they claim to have once had an extensive, advanced society. Unfortunately, this civilization was entirely within the lands that the Naga once owned. Upon their revival, the Nezumi buildings, lands, and mines were taken, leaving the Nezumi as second class citizens.

Nezumi possess the Kobold Racial Block, and for all intents and purposes, are one.
Nezumi Stats: Dex Primary, Con or Charisma Secondary.

Unseelie Court

A large city who are based around creation and the selling of mercenary services, the Unseelie Court have had a large hand in most of the worlds largest conflicts, usually allied with the Celestial Knights. They consist of BugBears, Dwarves, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Gnomes.

Bugbears (Refer to Character Builder: Difference: Bugbear oversized weapon bonus is a feat, not natural. Instead bugbears gain: When in cover or concealment, you can make a hide check at a +2 modifier.)
Stats: +2 Dexterity Primary, +2 Strength or +2 Charisma secondaries.

Dwarves (Refer to Character Builder. Standard PC race)
Hobgoblins (Refer to Character Builder) Stats: Charisma Primary, Constitution or Strength Secondary.
Goblins (Refer to Character Builder) Dexterity primary, Charisma or Constitution Secondary.
Gnomes (Refer to Character Builder) Intelligence primary, Charisma or Constitution Secondary.

Wild One Empire

Dark Elves (Drow)

Also known as dark elves, the drow used to be a universally depraved and evil subterranean offshoot of elves. However, a calamity in the past has seperated the drow, either stranding them aboveground in the arctic wastes or trapping them in the Underdark. The drow of the arctic and the Underdark have now lived seperately for long enough that their cultures have changed significantly. The subterranean drow remains depraved and prone to cruetly, but the arctic drow have not had the energy to spare to be unnecessarily evil. The arctic drow tend more towards neutrality, as the barren wastelands have taught them that survival leaves no time for cruelty.
White is the most common hair color among drow, but almost any pale shade is possible. Drow tend to be smaller and thinner than other sorts of elves, and their eyes are often a vivid red.

(Refer to Character builder for racial stats)

High Elves (Refer to Eladrin)

Grey Elves (Refer to Deva) Wisdom Primary, Intelligence or Charisma as secondary.

Taller and grander in physical appearance than others of their race, gray elves have a reputation for being aloof and arrogant (even by elven standards). They have either silver hair and amber eyes or pale golden hair and violet eyes. They prefer clothing of white, silver, yellow, or gold, with cloaks of deep blue or purple.

Wood Elf (Refer to Elves)

Their hair color ranges from yellow to a coppery red, and they are more muscular than other elves. Their clothing is in dark shades of green and earth tones to better blend in with their natural surroundings.

Halflings (See PHB)


Half-Elves (refer to PHB)

Dracon (Refer to Dragonborn)

Dracon’s possess no hair whatsoever, utilizing scales, like miniature dragon scales. Originally formed millenia ago by Draconic sorcerer’s as a means to combat the encroachment of humanity and Elven kind upon their lairs and lands, Dracon have since become an independant species. Although the race is still in awe of any natural born dragon, whether Gem, Metallic, or Chromatic, the Dracon have allied with the Wild Ones in an effort to preserve their lairs, nests, and enclaves from the Gavan’s, a race the Dracon have been at war with for centuries. Being made from the souls of dragons, Dracons have an innate affinity for dragon Magic, and are connected to the Warp in ways that few other races are.
Dracons are often very sizable creatures, averaging at 6-7 ft, and 200 pounds, Dracons come in all 15 colours of Dragonkind.
The languages a Dracon speaks is the most common language among the Draconic creatures, Draconic and Common.


Gava possess only a small shock of hair on the upper head, and range in all prismatic colours, Red, Green, Blue, White and even Black. Gavan’s are connected to the Weft, the sliver of divine matter lodged into the magical core of the world. Able to connect, guide and shape it as few other races can. This makes their innate goodness and mystical might more potent, leading them to many astounding victories. This also makes their belief in Gods loose and very informal.
Gava are 5-6 feet tall, and are low in weight, only weighing from 85-140 lb.
The languages a Gava speaks is the most common language among the air based creatures, primordial and Common.

Gava As Characters (Refer to Dom’s Graf race from Angadurgh)

The Kreen

The Kreen are a race of Mantis predators. Created much at the same time as the Naga, the Kreen avoided falling asleep in a massive magical working that left their race unable to sleep at all. It also changed them from groups of peaceful herbivores into ferocious pack hunters, beings who consider nearly everything food. Hunting in small packs, the Kreen are able to take down mighty beasts like Dragons, Giants and whatever else they desire for food.
The Kreen have generally found that humanoid prey isn’t worth the effort or the hassle of hunting. The only humanoid race the Kreen still pursue are the Elves, who are yet their favorite meal, making any meetings tense at best.

There are four species of Kreen.
Thri-Kreen, desert warriors well adapted to the harsh, fiery climate.
Shri-Kreen, leaf dwelling philosophers, dangerous for their tree-top hunting skills.
Dhri-Kreen, the savannah warriors, Mantis folk who live on the plains, hunting the bigger prey there with dangerous speeds.
Lastly, the Shar-Kreen, Shadowy Kreen who exist in the mountains of Arborior. Quite Proficient in Psionic abilities, oft trained in Psionic Classes.

The Desert folk of the Kreen, the Thri have lived and thrived in the deserts for centuries. Fleet of foot, they have adapted to the fires and the heat of the desert. Their carapaces becoming harsher and resiliant.

(All Kreen use the Thri-Kreen racial block from Dark Sun).


Lentîsbir come in several colours (black, grey, purple, and green), though they are always darkly-tinted. Their hives are located in the deep forests of the Celestial and Wild One empires. Anyone who discovers a hive entrance will get immediately ambushed by the guards attacking to kill them. Their location brings them into conflict with the sylvan races, and they have acquired a loathing for each other as time passed. This relationship is strained further by the fact that the Lentîsbir are fully carnivorous, and freely eat members of other humanoid races.

The origins of the Lentîsbir is a disputed topic within their own race, and completely unknown by the other races. Some Lentîsbir believe themselves to be a divergence from the Formians, and others believe that they are from another realm, that of Ionus. Thus, all Lentîsbir know of the avatars, and many pay homage to them, rather then to the conventional gods of Arborior. Any Lentîsbir that do heed the gods are most likely to follow the Gods of the Avatar or the Succedaneum’s of Magic.

There are 3 genders in the Lentîsbir race, Male, Female and the Egg Tenders. The Egg Tenders are completely infertile and cannot reproduce except via magical means. With only such a mystical reproduction possible, all Egg Tenders are kept untrained in any arcane arts to prevent their release from bondage.

Lentîsbir speak Lentîs, a harsh high pitched chittering language. Mostly unintelligible to most people, Lentîs cannot be chosen as a starting language. Lentîsbir are experts at imitating languages, and can reproduce almost any language perfectly.
The Lentîsbir have an unconscious neural link with each other, a weakened trace of a hive-mind. When they’re in groups, they create a neural net, where their knowledge is pooled into a resource that individuals unconsciously add or extract facts out of. This isn’t a full hive-mind, as they retain their independence, and aren’t aware of what the others are sensing. In most hives, it is forbidden to use magic to try to alter their neural link ability. It’s been proven to be very dangerous to do so, damaging or outright killing most who attempt to do so. The Lentîsbir have to be in close proximity of each other to link up, and a sole Lentîsbir doesn’t have any access to the neural net. As part of the neural link, any Lentîsbir become aware of each other’s presence when they’re in proximity, although they don’t know precisely where the other one is. Any scouts have to return to their hive before sharing what they have learnt. Their scouts are a specially trained tier, individuals who train themselves to slip among the outside races. Part of their training is to be able to handle the rigors of constantly exiting the neural net, and to focus and train their minds to be able to re-enter the net quickly once they return.

The Lentîsbir are a highly secretive and xenophobic race, and only interact with the outside world during swarms or for scouting. They keep no social relations with the other races, and in most societies, the Lentîsbir are only known as rumours or urban legends. The elves have regular hostile contact with the Lentîsbir in the Wild One empire, though in the Celestial empire people don’t traverse the forests often enough to conflict with the Lentîsbir. Any Lentîsbir encountered outside of the hive are either rogues or scouts in service of the hive, or a renegade that has either been exiled or has run away from the hive. All Lentîsbir wear a very large cowled cloak to conceal their features when they’re outside of the hive. It is difficult for someone to see a Lentîsbir’s features underneath the cloak. If they try, they have to beat the Lentîsbir’s Stealth check +4 with a Perception check.

Lentîsbir possess the following traits:

  • Average Height: 5"11 – 6"3
  • Average Weight: 170 – 240 LBS.
  • Ability Scores: Primary: +2 Constitution, Secondary: +2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity
  • Speed: 6 Squares
  • Vision: Low-light vision
  • Languages: Lentis, Common.
  • Skill bonus: +2 Stealth, -2 penalty to Athletics checks involving water, +2 Endurance
  • Neural Link: Lentîsbir can sense if another one of their kind is within 15 squares. This doesn’t tell them specifically where the other one is, just that there’s a Lentîsbir within range.
  • Shared Expertise: Once per encounter, two cooperating Lentîsbir within range of their Neural Link can use the aid another in a skill check by doing the same skill check (eg a Lentîsbir wishes to use Athletics to jump across a gap. A second one within range can make an Athletics check to do an Aid Another action.). This doesn’t require the aiding individual to perform the action himself.
  • They gain the Resonating Distraction Power

Lentîsbir Racial Power
Resonating Distraction
The Lentîsbir buzzes and projects a subsonic, looping vibration on the target, permeating their consciousness and leaving them slightly distracted.
Minor – A single enemy within Close Burst 3
At Will
Prerequisite: Can only target the closest enemy.
Effect: The target takes a -1 penalty to their will defense until the start of your next turn.

The Gith

The Githyanki and Githerzai were originally one race, lead by Gith around Lake Zerth. After a time, Gith died, and his twin sons Yanki and Erzai took power. Each leader attracted a strong following, and tried to force the other faction under its domain. After generations, the races started to psionically, and physically differ from one another, leading to the Githyanki and Githerzai. The Githyanki settled south of Lake Zerth, and the Githerzai settled north of Lake Zerth.

Gameplay: Since the Githyanki and the Githerzai were originally one race, they still look very physically similar. If a person from another race(ie non-Gith) who hasn’t had a lot of experience with the Gith encounters one, it takes a Perception check to discern whether it is a Githyanki or a Githerzai.

Githyanki (Located in Tyrgaard Province)

The Githyanki enlisted the aid of the Celestial Empire against the Githerzai. The terms of the agreement are of mutual military support during various conflicts. As the alliance is new and unstable, integration of members among each other’s societies has not truly happened yet.

Githyanki tend to have brown, black or white hair, with brown being dominant. Eyes tend to be black for the Githyanki, with Amber and Crimson also common colours.

Githyanki possess the following traits: (See Monster Manual)
Stats: Int Primary, Con or Str Secondaries
(Feats: Largely has access to the Githerzai Feat tree, consult me before taking please :)).

Githerzai(Located in Durvist Principality)

When the Githyanki signed the pact with the Celestial Empire, their combined forces brought the Githerzai dangerously close to total defeat. As a result, the Githerzai were forced to ally themselves with the Wild Ones. Since both the Celestial Empire and the Wild One Empire had no desire to start warring with each other again, they agreed to leave the Githyanki and Githerzai to their own devices when the matters were dealing with each other.
Githerzai tend to have no hair, or hair located in a tight bun upon their hair in wispy white. Eyes tend to be grey for the Githerzai, with Amber and yellow also common colours.


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